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2019 Refresher Training Program

In 2019, HELMEPA as a certified by DNV-GL “Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness”, is offering to Greek merchant marine officers and the land-based staff of Member-Companies its 37th Annual Voluntary Refresher Training Program.

The 2019 Training Program was compiled, as it has become customary in recent years, with the contribution of HELMEPA’s Training Committee taking into consideration the current training needs of Member Companies for their seafarers and office staff, which are shaped according to the significant legislative developments in shipping and new regulations that are already in effect or will enter into force in the forthcoming years.

The Program features the richest variety of topics of recent years, with the following 6 different types of seminars:

  1. Reducing Shipping’s Environmental Footprint: Today’s and Tomorrow’s Hot Issues (two-day)
  2. Learning from PSC Inspections: Common Deficiencies and their Prevention (two-day)
  3. Enhancing Safety through Effective Management of Operational Risks and People On Board (two-day)
  4. Marine Environmental Awareness (two-day, certified by the Maritime Administration of Cyprus based on the ΙΜΟ Model Course 1.38)
  5. Encountering Heavy Seas – Parametric Rolling and Emergency Preparedness – Incident Case Studies (one-day, with practice demonstration on Bridge Simulator)
  6. Vetting Inspections and TMSA – Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (one-day)

Each of the 4 two-day Seminars (Α-D) are offered 6 times during the year, while the one-day Seminars E and F will be carried out 8 and 3 times respectively. Specialized staff of 16 Member Companies and Organizations, officers of the Hellenic Coast Guard and external partners are voluntary contributing in the implementation of this year’s program together with HELMEPA’s staff.

We are especially glad that in an era of great challenges for shipping and constantly increasing formal training requirements for seafarers, the voluntary refresher training offered by HELMEPA to its members, always focused on the human element, continues to enjoy wide appreciation among Greek seafarers and shipping officials and we wholeheartedly thank all those who have contributed in this initiative all these years.

For the dates of all the scheduled Seminars in 2019 click here.

The Booklet of the 2019 Refresher Training Program with detailed information on each Seminar is available here.

The Participation Form for the 2019 Seminars (in Greek – exclusively for Member Companies) is available here.


Participation in the Annual Voluntary Refresher Training Program:
The Seminars of the Program are open to officers and land-based staff of HELMEPA Member Companies, free of cost. According to the decision of HELMEPA’s Board of Directors, each managing Member Company is entitled to 1 participation per year (if registered as office) plus 2 participations per year for each registered vessel. Associate Corporate Members are entitled to 1 participation per year.

Acceptance and confirmation of participation:
Participation requests are considered on a priority basis following the date of receipt. Requests for extra participations per Company (besides the ones according to the aforementioned terms) are considered ad hoc upon availability of seats. The requested participations are confirmed by the secretariat of HELMEPA’s Maritime Training Center via e-mail sent 3 working days prior the starting date of the Seminar.

Cancellations – Replacements:
For the smooth preparation of the Seminars, we kindly ask you to notify us of any cancellation of participation or replacement of participant in a timely manner.

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15 December 2019
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness