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In 1983, the Association started to take part, as a member of the Greek Delegation, in the works of every meeting of IMO’s Committees for the Protection of the Marine Environment (MEPC) and Maritime Safety (MSC) as well as in Working Groups developing new legislation.

With the European Commission (EC)

The European Economic Community (EEC) historically playing a vital role in the fields of prevention of and response to marine pollution, intensified its work after 1978 when it set-up an Action Plan for the Control and Reduction of Pollution caused by Hydrocarbons and other Harmful Substances.

HELMEPA started to cooperate with the EC by implementing such activities as Special Workshops and Pilot Demonstration Projects jointly financed.

The first HELMEPA-EC joint projects was the international workshop titled “The Shipping Industry and the Protection of the Marine Environment”, organized in Athens in June 1986. As a result, the “Guide Against Ship- Generated Pollution” was produced on behalf of the EC, which presented and disseminated it to the IMO member-countries.

In 1989, HELMEPA organized under the auspices of the EC a Mediterranean Conference in Athens with the aim to promote the implementation of joint environmental awareness programs for the wider public in coastal Mediterranean countries of the African continent.

In June 2005, HELMEPA organized in cooperation with the EC in Messinia, Peloponnese, Greece a European workshop titled “Contingency Planning in the European Union”, at which experts of E.U. Member States, non Member States and international organizations dealt with the efficiency of national and regional contingency plans and cooperation on spill response and produced important results. 

With the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

The founding of AUSMEPA, the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association, facilitated the beginning of cooperation with AMSA. The latter provided the Maritime Training Center with all necessary information for the production of a bilingual aid titled “Guide for Greek Seafarers in Australian Waters” with an emphasis on vessels’ inspections and the protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

With the World Maritime University (WMU)

Since the passing away of George P. Livanos, the man who inspired the creation of HELMEPA based on the cooperation between Greek seafarers and shipowners, the Association, honouring his memory, started offering to children of seafarers postgraduate scholarships.

One of the institutions where the scholarships have been materialized is the World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden, founded by IMO in 1983 with the aim to offer maritime education to students from developing countries.

Between 1991 and 2006 the University has been inviting HELMEPA to Malmo to run specially designed seminars attended by the students. In parallel, HELMEPA organized and hosted seminars for WMU students in Piraeus.

Graduates may join, if they wish, a network of communication and cooperation created by the Maritime Training Center with the objective to spread the concept of Marine Environment Protection Associations (MEPAs) in their home countries.

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14 December 2018
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