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Is it time to go back to work?

4 Sep 2019

This year’s autumn begins with a variety of activities and new seminars. HELMEPA members who are eligible to participate in the Program can now sign up to seminars and get informed on current developments in international maritime regulations, train on the HELMEPA Bridge Simulator and enhance their soft skills!

1. Bridge Simulation Courses

HELMEPA has a “NAUTIS Full Mission” Bridge Simulator, which was donated to HELMEPA by the Associate Corporate Member DNV GL in appreciation of the voluntary training has been offering to its Members for 37 consecutive years.

The simulation courses cover the following topics:

  • HS2 – Advanced Ship-Handling and Navigational Safety / Sep 09 – 11
  • HS3 – Navigating in Dense Traffic – Fishing Areas – COLREGs and Loss Prevention / Sep 12 – 13
  • HS1 – Bridge Resource Management: / Sep 16 – 20
  • HS4 – Real Incidents’ Simulation and Root Cause Analysis / Sep 26 – 27 (NEW Course)

More information about the content of each course can be found at

2. Voluntary Training Program 2019

HELMEPA has now a brand new Seminar room that can accommodate at least 25 people! Merchant officers and land-based personnel of member shipping companies can keep abreast of the current developments in international maritime legislation.

The following seminars are available for free in September:

  • Learning from PSC Inspections: Common Deficiencies and their Prevention / Sep 10-11
  • Enhancing Safety through Effective Management of Operational Risks and People Onboard / Sep 17-18
  • Encountering Heavy Seas – Parametric Rolling and Emergency Preparedness – Incident Case Studies / Sep 25

Detailed information on the Program is available at

3. Workshops on soft skills

Three-hour workshops for different soft skills are provided as part of the Empowering the Seafarer Program: Learning and Developing Soft Skills Program.

The Workshop “Improving Efficiency: Manage Time & Stress effectively to excel” is scheduled for September 25th.

To register please contact HELMEPA Maritime Section: +30 210 9341233, e-mail

Looking forward to your participation!

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16 September 2019
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