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6 June 2012
6 June 2007, Anniversary event
February 20, 2009
European Week for Waste Reduction

19-27 November 2016

Results of the European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction was coordinated by HELMEPA for the second consecutive year in Greece with the participation of the following 13 Kindergartens and Primary Schools, which voluntarily committed to contribute to waste reduction:

Kindergarten of Agios Dimitrios, Zakynthos
1st Kindergarten of Gargalianoi, Messinia
2nd Kindergarten of Drapetsona, Attica
Revithoulis Kindergarten, Thessaloniki
2nd Kindergartenof Sapes, Rodopi
1st Kindergarten of Skiathos
7th Primary School of Agia Paraskevi, Attica
Primary School of Emporeio, Santorini
21st Primary School of Kalamata
Primary School of Kassos
Primary School of Lechaio, Corinth
1st Primary School of Orestiada
5th Primary School of Pyrgos

Goldair Handling of Zakynthos Airport

Under the motto "Packaging waste reduction: use less packaging!" the volunteers conducted the following actions, from 19 to 27 November 2016:

Separation and recycling of waste
Recycling of batteries
Purchase of beverages in returnable glass bottles
Purchase of products in packaging from recycled material
Purchase of rechargeable batteries
Recycling of printer cartridges
Avoiding use of white virgin paper, using only reused or recycled paper
Reduction of paper use by printing on both sides
Making of crafts with recycled materials
Creation of games/pencil holders/dolls from waste material
Collection of jars and boxes for Christmas creations
Creation of hanging garden with plastic bottles
Collection of plastic caps for the purchase of wheelchairs
Use of cloth shopping bags
Drinking of tap water instead of bottled water
Saying no to use of plastic straws
Avoiding the consumption of prepackaged food
Use of reusable containers for lunch/snack
Use of reusable bottle for water, instead of plastic bottles
Avoiding use of single-use plastic cups/plates/cutlery
Offering clothes to friends and acquaintances for reuse
Taking up composting

Below are video and photos from volunteers’ activities:

Hanging garden - Kindergarten of Agios Dimitrios, Zakynthos

Reusable bottles for water - 1st Kindergarten of Gargalianoi

Video from the 2nd Kindergarten of Drapetsona

Ornamental houses - Revithoulis Kindergarten

Recycling "corner" - 2nd Kindergarten of Sapes

Ecological Christmas tree - 1st Kindergarten of Skiathos

Original recycling poem - Primary School of Emporeio

Creations from "trash" materials - Primary School of Lechaio

Video from the 5th Primary School of Pyrgos

Video from Goldair Handling of Zakynthos Airport



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