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Awards to HELMEPA

The most recent distinctions awarded to the Association are the following:

  • 2018 – Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology:
    Award “for advancing environmental awareness and enhancing safety at sea”
  • 2018 – Environmental Awards:
    Honorary Award “for advancing environmental awareness at all levels of the shipping community since 1982 and for the voluntary environmental program HELMEPA Junior since 1993”
  • 2017 – Naftika Chronika:

    HELMEPA was presented with the EFKRANTI Award for Best Communication Strategy, “for its organized, consistent, transparent and meaningful communication policy through cooperation with mass media representatives”.

  • 2016 – Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards:

    Award for Achievement in Safety/Environmental Protection to the “HELMEPA Junior” Program

  • 2014 – Port Captains Club:

    Awarded with the Gold Medal of the First Class, “because with its organization, educational programs and activities, it managed to awaken the environmental public awareness and infuse love and care for clean seas and a more humane environment”.

  • 2013 – Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Award:

    Award for Education or Training

  • 2011 – Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Award:

    Award for Achievement in Safety/Environmental Protection

  • 2010  –  Investment in People Seatrade Award.

    The Award was presented to HELMEPA for the voluntary, refresher training it offers to the Greek shipping community.

  • 2010 – Silver Medal to HELMEPA and the Association’s Chairman Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos

    by the Higher Technological Education Institute of Kalamata, in recognition of their continuous and tireless efforts and initiatives at a global scale for the protection of the seas and oceans from pollution and other harmful human activities.

  • 2009 – Maritime Video Awards:

    HELMEPA’s environmental production titled “The Ocean’s Cycle” is awarded as Best Show Stopper Video of Posidonia 2008 international maritime exhibition.

  • 2008 –Marine Biz TV Awards:

    At a ceremony, streamed live on Marine Biz TV, at the Boat India International Conference and Exhibition in Cochin, India, HELMEPA receives the “Safeguarding the Environment” Award for its contribution to eliminating ship-generated marine pollution.

  • 2004 – Lloyd’s List Awards:

    Award for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Marine Safety.

  • 2003 – Club UNESCO of the Department of Piraeus & Islands:

    Commemorative Award for HELMEPA’s contribution to the protection of the environment.

  • 2003 – MIO-ECSDE & Mediterranea:

    Award for the HELMEPA Junior project, in recognition of its contribution to Environmental Education and Awareness Raising, presenting a special Honorary Diploma.

  • 2002 – Pan-Hellenic Merchant Marine Masters Association:

    Special award “in recognition and appreciation of services rendered to the shipping community all these years”.

  • 2002 – Organization of the Women of Athens:

    Painting projecting the importance the sea bears for the environment, in appreciation of HELMEPA’s work, which as it was mentioned honours Greece and the Greek maritime family throughout the world.

  • 2002 – Ministry of Transport, Quebec and St. Lawrence Seaways:

    Memorabilia commemorating the Association’s 20th anniversary and in appreciation of its work.

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27 September 2020
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