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Soft Skills, Environmental and Safety Leadership among the highest maritime training needs

Leadership on safety and environmental issues, soft skills, as well as compliance with environmental regulations during PSC inspections and risk management emerged as the most important training topics for seafarers and managing companies’ staff from a targeted participatory survey conducted by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA among its members within the shipping community.


The survey was conducted between 15 September - 15 October 2021 with the participation of training experts from 39 member shipping companies and 3 cooperating partners (the National Technical University of Athens, the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Hellenic Bureau for Marine Casualties Investigation - HBMCI).


Issues related to safety, the human element, PSC inspections and new regulations appear in the top 20 topics, as shown in their percentage distribution per thematic section of the questionnaire.


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Environmental issues are highlighted mainly in relation to compliance with existing regulations (PSC inspections, MARPOL regulations and record books) or legislative developments (EEXI-CII). Also, considerable interest is recorded in ballast water treatment systems and the experience to date from their in-board use.


Great interest is also expressed by shipping companies on cyber security awareness, Management of Change (MOC), voyage/passage planning with ECDIS, crew resource management, marine meteorology, medical First Aid (hands on), guidance/tips for a successful onboard internal audit and condition inspection, situational awareness and weak signals, as well as LNG as fuel – IGF Code.


The purpose of the survey is to better understand and record the needs of the shipping community in order to strengthen professional skills, update knowledge and contribute to the continuous training of seafarers and shipping professionals.


The findings constitute a guide for the preparation and updating of HELMEPA’s Annual Training Program for 2022, in order to meet the expectations and needs of the shipping community.


From the beginning of 2021 to date, 2,706 Greek and foreign seafarers and shipping professionals of 110 managing companies have enhanced their professional skills through 22 webinars organized by HELMEPA, under the guidance of the Training Committee, which consists of training experts of the following member-companies: Andriaki Shipping, Arcadia Shipmanagement, Ariston Navigation, Atlantic Bulk Carriers, Chandris (Hellas), Cleopatra Shipping, Costamare Shipping, Danaos Shipping, Diana Shipping Services, Eastern Mediterranean, Euronav Ship Management (Hellas), Gaslog LNG Services, Minoa Marine, Neda Maritime Agency, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Springfield Shipping, Starbulk, Thenamaris, Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement, V.Ships (Greece) and Capt. Michalis Fragkias.


For more information you can contact HELMEPA’s Maritime Training Center, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.