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HELMEPA in 2019

4 Feb 2019

Another year has gone by and in June HELMEPA will complete 37 years of operation. It is indeed an achievement that the initiative of George P. Livanos and of those who followed withstood the test of time.

So we are continuing for yet another year also incorporating the following directions:

1.  Social Networks

In today’s era of mass media e-communications, HELMEPA is using intensively the available networks so as to transmit our messages as widely as possible within the Greek society focusing on the youth, the future inheritants and stewards of our Planet.

2.  Training Expansion

It is the Board of Directors’ policy that HELMEPA offers also to foreign officers of Member vessels useful information/training aids, as it has been doing for 35 years with Greek officers through the land-based Refresher Training seminars. Even more so in order to also spread to a multinational “audience” the voluntary commitment for the protection of seas from ship-generated pollution.

Our aim is to increase the number of topics available on HELMEPA’s e-learning program, offered in English, and enrich it including new legislative requirements. Furthermore, to continue the production of bilingual information material.

3.  Attracting New Members

Members of the Board are looking into widely informing their colleagues in order to attract new members, with an emphasis on those employing foreign officers on vessels under their management. HELMEPA’s Board believes that initiatives such as the previously mentioned, along with all the other services offered by HELMEPA to its Members, constitute useful aids for any multinational crew in order to make the vessel safer and more environmentally-friendly.

4.  Cooperation with Foundations and Entities

HELMEPA’s mission to inform and raise awareness demands that the pool of recipients of the Association’s messages continuously expands. To this end, it is enhancing its successful cooperation with Charitable Foundations such as “Maria Tsakos”, “A.C. Laskaridis”, Academic Institutions such as the National Technical University of Athens, Patras University and Metropolitan College (Associate Corporate Member), Embassies such as those of Canada and Norway, non-profit organizations such as AxionHellas and others such as “Naftika Chronica” – Gratia Publications. The result of these synergies will be the joint implementation of voluntary awareness raising environmental programs and activities.

5.  HELMEPA in the Periphery

During 2019, our revamped mobile Exhibition will visit 6 towns in the Periphery. We consider it as our duty to also provide the opportunity for environmental awareness to schoolchildren and fellow citizens who live far away from the large urban centers. To present to them the evidence that proves the extent to which uncontrolled human intervention impacts seas, coasts, ocean and our actual lives, as well as to project the need for coordinated volunteerism in our country.

All our initiatives in 2019 revolve around our desire to share with those who wish the experience we have acquired in Greece and abroad during the 36 years of HELMEPA’s operation. An in parallel, to enrich our knowledge with the experiences of others.

We hope to achieve our aims once again in 2019, always with the support of our volunteer Members and all those who believe that the seas and the environment in general does not belong to us, but it is our duty to conserve it for generations to follow.

Dimitris C. Mitsatsos
Director General

Let's Save the Seas
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7 August 2020
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