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e-Learning Program

Developed in cooperation with associate corporate Member DYNAMARINe and HELMEPA’s Training Committee, this online program enables Member Companies to make use of modern technology for their staff’s training needs.


The latest updated and enriched version of the program was released to the Members in December 2019.


Merchant marine officers and land-based staff of different nationalities are able to attend online the following training packages in English:

A. Environmental related Training Course

  • SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)
  • Vessel General Permit
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Marine Litter – MARPOL Annex V
  • Ship’s Emission Control Worldwide and in ECAs
  • Oil Record Book, Part I
  • Sewage and Grey Water Management Onboard

B. Safety related Training Course

  • Risk Assessment and Management in Shipboard Operations
  • Accident prevention during lifeboats
  • Safe entry into enclosed spaces
  • Navigation in dense and controlled traffic
  • Weaknesses related to Fire Safety
  • Maritime Labour Convention – general overview
  • Passage Planning (with reference to PSSAs)

Each topic includes:


  • Topic’s presentation
  • 30 multiple choice questions to test what users have learnt, who have 3 attempts available to achieve a score of at least 66% in order to be Certified
  • A course evaluation form for comments/feedbacks.


Each Managing Member Company is provided gratis per year with 6 Credits plus 12 Credits for each Member Vessel (each credit allows the registration of one person in one of the two training packages of the program). In case all free credits are used up, member Companies must donate 40€ for each additional credit.


The e-Learning is provided also to individulas against donation of €75 per credit or €40 per credit for HELMEPA members.


Upon successful completion of each package, the user will be automatically issued a Certificate of Achievement that will be sent to his/her personal email.



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