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Mr. Paul J. Ioannidis, Honorary Vice President of the “Alexander S. Onassis” Foundation, member of the first Board of Directors of HELMEPA in 1983 was the person who laid the cornerstone of the training initiatives of the Association. Moreover, he, as an aviator with deep knowledge, introduced for the first time to the Greek merchant marine officers and the shipping industry in general a great deal of the safety culture by which the international aviation industry had been already operating.

Between 1983-2017, more than 18,000 seafarers and company stuff, 200 companies and organizations linked directly or indirectly with the Greek maritime community in Greece and worldwide as well as the crews of more than 1,800 Greek-owned vessels have taken part in the voluntary refresher educational initiatives of HELMEPA. In addition, over 1,200 officers and staff of the Hellenic Navy and the Coast Guard attended the Association’s annual training programs.

Through a significant number of partnerships and synergies with maritime and environmental entities worldwide, HELMEPA enriches the knowledge and the expertise of its Maritime Sector so that it can operate as a Maritime Training Center with consistency and quality according to ISO 9001:2008.

Let's Save the Seas
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27 September 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness