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2020 Refresher Training Program

A new decade has begun with renewed hopes and aspirations for all of us. Global shipping enters the new era facing a complex, demanding regulatory framework in pursuit of the goal of “Safe, Secure and Efficient Ships on Clean Seas”.

To assist its Volunteer Members – Companies, Vessels and Seafarers – successfully meeting these challenges, HELMEPA is offering them a new Refresher Training Program for 2020.

As a certified “Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness”, HELMEPA compiled this Program with the contribution of its Training Committee, taking into consideration the current training needs of Member Companies in combination with new regulations that come into effect or will enter into force in the near future.

The 38th Annual Voluntary Refresher Training Program has 7 different thematic categories of Seminars. Four categories are two-day Seminars (A-D) and three are one-day Seminars (E-G), to be repeated multiple times within the year, as follows:

  1. Safety First (two-day, 5 times through the year)
  2. Compliance with Air Emission and GHG Regulations (two-day, 5 time through the year)
  3. Avoiding Pitfalls during PSC Inspections (two-day, 5 times through the year)
  4. Marine Environmental Awareness (two-day, 3 times through the year, certified by the Maritime Administration of Cyprus based on the ΙΜΟ Model Course 1.38)
  5. Emergency Preparedness and Response (one-day, 5 times through the year)
  6. TMSA Implementation and Preparation for Vetting Inspections (one-day, 3 times through the year)
  7. Safe Carriage of Dangerous Solid Bulk Cargoes (one-day, 3 times through the year)

We express our deep appreciation and warm thanks to the specialized staff of 17 Member Companies and Organizations as well as officers of the Hellenic Coast Guard who are voluntary contributing as Instructors in the implementation of this year’s program, together with HELMEPA’s staff.

Through their diligent efforts, we expect once again to provide merchant marine officers and office staff of our Member Companies valuable knowledge and useful information towards achieving our common goals of pollution prevention and safety at sea.

For the dates of all the scheduled Seminars in 2020, which will be held at the new seminar room of HELMEPA Maritime Training Center (5, Pergamou Street, 6th floor), please click here.

The Booklet of the 2020 Refresher Training Program with all the information on the thematic content, the Lecturers and the timetable of each Seminar is available here.

The Participation Form for the 2020 Seminars (in Greek – exclusively for Member Companies) is available here.

The terms/conditions for participation in HELMEPA’s Refresher Training Program are detailed hereunder

The Seminars of the Program are offered exclusively to officers and land-based staff of HELMEPA Member Companies, free of cost. According to the decision of HELMEPA’s Board of Directors, each managing Member Company is entitled to 2 participations per year for each registered vessel  plus 1 additional participation, if it is also registered as office. Associate Corporate Members are entitled to 1 participation per year.

Deadline for registration, acceptance and confirmation of participation:
The deadline for registration expires 3 working days before the Seminar. If participation requests exceed available seats, consideration is based on the date of receipt. Requests for additional participations per Company (beyond those according to their membership status) are considered ad hoc upon availability of seats. The requested participations are confirmed by the secretariat of HELMEPA’s Maritime Sector via e-mail 3 working days before the starting date of the Seminar.

Cancellations – Replacements:
For the smooth preparation of the Seminars, we kindly ask you to notify us of any cancellation of participation or replacement of participant in a timely manner. In case of cancellation of a Seminar (e.g. if requested participations are less than the minimum number required), you will be notified accordingly by e-mail 3 working days before the starting date of the Seminar.

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23 September 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness