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HELMEPA’s special Seminar on marine fuels in view of 2020

29 Nov 2019

On Thursday 28 November, HELMEPA offered its Members a special one-day Seminar dedicated to marine fuels, which was hosted at the amphitheater of Member Company Olympic Shipping and Management S.A.

On behalf of HELMEPA, the Executive Coordinator, Ms. Christiana Prekezes, addressing the around 80 participants, accentuated that organizing this Seminar falls under the Association’s mission to provide its Members appropriate and prompt information on issues of concern to international shipping affecting the safe and environmentally friendly operation of ships.

The Chairman and CEO of the hosting Company and Member of HELMEPA B.o.D., Mr. George K. Karageorgiou, welcoming the audience, mentioned that the stringent environmental regulations are by now part of our lives and thanked all participants for their eagerness to get informed on the new marine fuels so that all, companies and officers, can be assisted in adapting in the new reality.

Administrative and other executive office staff as well as Port and Chief Engineers from 31 Member Companies, attended with increased interest the presentations of Mr. Bill Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager of Bureau Veritas’ Marine Fuel Services brand, VeriFuel and Mr. Panos Zahariadis, Technical Manager of Atlantic Bulk Carriers and Management Ltd. and Member of HELMEPA B.o.D.

Sharing their rich knowledge on the subject and their experience from participating in the relative working groups at IMO, the two speakers examined the new situation being shaped regarding marine fuels from 1st January 2020 when the global Sulphur cap of 0.5% enters into force and focused specifically on prevention and dealing with problems that will possibly arise during bunkering and use of the new fuels as well as during Port State Control inspections.

During the presentations and the vivid discussion that followed, a number of questions were answered and many practical guidelines and advice were provided, among other, for the first, transitional period of implementation of the Regulation, the sampling issue for both quality check and compliance, the vital subject of engine crew training on the use of the new fuels and the “traps” that their different characteristics may hide etc.

Closing the Seminar, HELMEPA Chairman Dr. George Gratsos, expressed his warm thanks to Olympic Shipping and Management S.A. for hosting and contributing to the execution of the Seminar and reserved himself for a similar informative initiative by HELMEPA during the first months of the new Regulation’s implementation for a review and sharing of experiences.


G. Karageorgiou, Chairman and CEO/Olympic Shipping and Management S.A.

B. Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager, VeriFuel/Bureau Veritas

P. Zahariadis, Technical Director/Atlantic Bulk Carriers and Management Ltd

B. Stamatopoulos and P. Zahariadis answering questions of the audience

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30 September 2020
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News HELMEPA’s special Seminar on marine fuels in view of 2020