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HELMEPA’s Mobile Exhibition in East Attica region

6 Dec 2019

HELMEPA’s Mobile Exhibition on the “Marine Environment and Sciences” made its last stop for 2019 in the East Attica region, where between 28 November and 5 December it was hosted at the 3rd Primary School of Gerakas, under the auspices of the Municipality of Pallini. In cooperation with the Directorate for Primary Education of East Attica, HELMEPA transported to the exhibition 850 students and 50 teachers from the region and informed them about the serious problem of plastic in the oceans, the threats arising from human indifference and the beneficial impact of marine-related sciences.

The Mayor of Pallini, Mr. A. Zoutsos, accompanied by Ms K. Zineli, Municipal Councilor for Environmental Policy of the Municipality visited the exhibition and stated that he was impressed by the interaction he saw between her young pupils and HELMEPA’s staff. He also stressed that informing the new generation about environmental issues is really crucial and children should transfer their environmental knowledge to their families as well, so that adults also become aware.

Particularly warm were comments of volunteer teachers such as the following:

– Excellent presentation and approach to the problem. Lots of knowledge for children. Very good organization. Thanks.

– It was a great presentation that “captivated” the children and made them particularly interested. In 1 hour, you managed to pass on many important messages to the children. Thank you very much! Warmest congratulations on your efforts.

– Exceptional Exhibition and presentation that attracted the interest of the students, without becoming tiring. Such initiatives reinforce the effort to raise awareness on the younger generation. Thank you.

We would finally like to thank the Principal of the School Mr. Aphrodite Kapothanassis for hosting the Exhibition, the Municipality of Pallini and the Director of Environmental Education of Eastern Attica, Mr. Vera Vorilla for the organization of the school visits.


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11 August 2020
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News HELMEPA’s Mobile Exhibition in East Attica region