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International Coastal Cleanup Symposium – Oslo, 24-26 October

30 Oct 2019

HELMEPA was invited and participated in the International Meeting of the Coordinators of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) in Oslo, Norway, between 24 and 26 October.

The meeting of the representatives from 27 countries was organized by the US-based Ocean Conservancy, which has been coordinating the International Coastal Cleanup since 1986. The main objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Encourage communication and cooperation among ICC coordinators in different countries.
  • Discuss innovative policy measures to reduce waste, and
  • Exchange ideas on best practices used in each region to improve the projection and effectiveness of the initiative.

HELMEPA’s representative presented the 29 years of experience of the initiative in Greece, the challenges faced and achievements of the voluntary activities. The communication strategy to attract more volunteers, the support to local coordinators of the cleanups and the continued efforts to expand cooperation with various stakeholders, were also mentioned during the presentation.

The International Coastal Cleanup is taking place in Greece this year between September 14 and October 31, but as volunteers show great enthusiasm, activities are still continuing within the first 10 days of November. To date, 140 cleanups have been carried out with the participation of 6,300 volunteers! Upon completion of the cleanups, HELMEPA will publish the data from the “findings” that the volunteers recorded.


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News International Coastal Cleanup Symposium – Oslo, 24-26 October