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Training Program: new seminar cycle

27 Sep 2019

Autumn 2019 has began with a new cycle of seminars and workshops. HELMEPA Members are eligible to enroll their officers and staff to the Program and can now sign them up to seminars so that they get informed on current developments in international maritime regulations, train on HELMEPA’s Bridge Simulator and enhance their soft skills!

1. Bridge Simulation Courses

HELMEPA has a “NAUTIS Full Mission” Bridge Simulator, which was donated to HELMEPA by the Associate Corporate Member DNV GL in appreciation of the voluntary training has been offering to its Members for 37 consecutive years.

The simulation courses cover the following topics:

  • HS1 – Bridge Resource Management
    The certified course by Cyprus Maritime Authority is a 5-day course and consists of 19 topics presented in 40 hours in total, in accordance with IMO Model Course 1.22.
  • HS2 – Advanced Ship-Handling and Navigational Safety*
    The seminar covers topics of the Model Course 1.22 of IMO (BRM) and   of ship-handling.
  • HS3 – Navigating in Dense Traffic – Fishing Areas – COLREGs and Loss Prevention
    The seminar focuses on collision avoidance issues in dense traffic and/or fishing areas under various weather conditions. The aim is to enhance loss prevention mindedness and real case studies of marine incidents/accidents are also presented, analyzed and simulated.
  • HS4 – Real Incidents’ simulation and root cause Analysis*
    The seminar presents, simulates, and analyzes real marine incidents as originally obtained from official sources (MAIB, CHIRP,MARS, etc).
  • HS5 – Marine Meteorology – Handling Ships in Heavy Weather and Following/Quartering Seas
    The seminar aims to update and enrich officers’ knowledge of the key issues of modern maritime meteorology with emphasis on the use of e-mail for receiving official meteorological forecasts and GRIB files, their proper reading and optimum introduction and visualization. in ECDIS. The seminar also deals with the formation of tropical storms and cyclones and how to avoid their dangerous area.

More information about the content of each course can be found at

2. Voluntary Training Program 2019

HELMEPA has now a brand new seminar room that can accommodate at least 25 people! Merchant officers and land-based personnel of member shipping companies can keep abreast of the current developments in international maritime legislation.

  • Reducing the Environmental Footprint: Hot Issues of Today and Tomorrow (Seminar A –  2-day)
    The seminar focuses on the main current environmental issues, the great challenges that the current and future pollution prevention regulations pose to the shipping industry and the best practices of compliance with them.
  • Learning from PSC Inspections: Common deficiencies and their prevention (Seminar B – 2-day)
    The seminar gives an overview of the major and most common deficiencies recorded during psc inspections aiming to prevent them and improve the preparation of vessel-office.
  • Enhancing Safety through Effective Management of Operational Risks and People On Board   (Seminar C – 2-day)
    Emphasis is placed on the safe execution of hazardous ship operations, the handling of hazardous cargoes and human element issues that have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Safety Management System, such as office and crew collaboration, effective leadership and communication in the multicultural environment of the vessel and risks related to human behaviour.
  • Marine Environmental Awareness   (Seminar D – 2-day)
    This Seminar is based on the IMO Model Course 1.38, covers the requirements of the revised STCW (Sections: ΑΙΙ/1,2 & ΑΙΙΙ/1,2, Competence “Ensure compliance with pollution prevention measures” Subject Area: “Importance of proactive measures to protect the marine environment”) and is certified by the Cyprus Maritime Authority. Focusing on the human element, the seminar aims to promote more effective compliance with regulations and environmental awareness through a basic understanding of marine ecosystem functioning and the impact of shipping industry on it.

Encountering Heavy Seas – Parametric Rolling and Emergency Preparedness – Incident Case Studies (Seminar Ε – 1-day)
The seminar includes theory, practical exercise on HELMEPA’s Bridge Simulator and case studies analysis.

Vetting Inspections and TMSA (Seminar F – 1-day)
This Seminar is specially developed for land-based personnel and merchant marine officers of member companies with tankers and the lectures are provided by staff of Arcadia Shipmanagement Co. Ltd.

Detailed information on the Program is available at

3. Workshops on soft skills

Three-hour workshops for different soft skills are provided as part of the Empowering the Seafarer Program: Learning and Developing Soft Skills Program.

The Workshop on “Making a Lasting Impression: Presentation Skills & Public Speaking for a Powerful Performance” is scheduled for October 10 and the last on November 14 is “Maintaining an Ethical Workplace: Grow Business Ethics & Cultural Awareness for a Resilient Organization”.

* Note: These two courses are part of the three-year Program “Enhancing the Understanding of New and Enduring Challenges in Maritime Safety Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean” with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

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