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International Volunteer Day – December 5th

5 Dec 2019

The United Nations designated December 5th as the International Volunteer Day in 1985, as an opportunity to internationally celebrate the power and potential of volunteering and to honor the contribution of volunteers to the community.

The act of volunteering, as an expression of social behavior, exists in all cultures, languages, and religions. Every year, millions of people donate their time, energy, and skills to make the world a better place, without any financial reward. What they gain from their actions is a sense of satisfaction unlike other, the feeling that they have made a difference and have paid their share back in the community, to people and to our Planet.

On this occasion, HELMEPA salutes the significant voluntary commitment “To Save the Seas” of its 13,500 Greek seafarers, 410 ships and 200 member companies and organizations, a commitment they have consistently implemented since 1982.

We also recognize the valuable contribution of the thousands of volunteer students and teachers who participate in environmental activities each year under the “HELMEPA Junior” program.

Finally, we honor the thousands of volunteers, younger and older, who regularly participate in coast, underwater, park and forest cleanups, responding to HELMEPA’s invitation and sending a message of our individual responsibility and need of action.

We hope that this year’s celebration of the International Volunteer Day will initiate the spreading of the value of volunteering and awareness among the younger generations, the future volunteers, who society and the environment need more than ever.


Let's Save the Seas
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7 August 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness
News International Volunteer Day – December 5th