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Teachers evaluate HELMEPA Junior Program

30 Sep 2019

A total of 369 volunteer teachers participated at HELMEPA Junior Program for the 2018-2019 school year. They enthusiastically led 6,000 children of 158 primary schools and kindergartens throughout the country to conduct 2,426 environmental/ educational activities.

The Program titled “Dive into the Ocean” aimed to contribute, through information sharing and mobilization of the educational community, to the protection of the marine world, which is the core target of Objective 14 “Life Under the Sea”, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030.

From the questionnaires that the teachers completed, it is concluded that:

  • 92% rated the Program as “Excellent – Very Good”
  • 96% believe that children have developed more responsible behavior towards the marine environment after joining the Program, and
  • the pedagogical scope of the Program was considered as “Excellent – Very Good” by 92% of teachers, the scientific validity by 93% and the pedagogical appropriateness by 84%.

Examples of teachers’ comments are shown here under:

“The program helped us create a collective spirit among the volunteer members. Within the Group, members have learned to cooperate with each other, take initiatives and develop organizational and coordination skills.”

“The program has increased the interest and excitement of children throughout its implementation. They gained knowledge, learned to search and collect information and got to know the marine environment better. They were informed about the major environmental problems of the planet and their impact on our lives.”

“The positive aspects of the program are the constant effort to provide scientific information, the diversification, the flexible approaches that keep the program alive, creative, interesting and timely!”

“The program manages to sensitize children without being forced!”


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News Teachers evaluate HELMEPA Junior Program