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The “Vorias” project was successfully completed by HELMEPA

27 Dec 2019

The “Vorias” project was successfully implemented by HELMEPA between July-December 2019 in 15 northern coasts of the islands Naxos, Aegina , Tinos, Evia and Poros/Troizinia with the support of the A.C. Laksaridis Charitable Foundation (ACLCF). The aim of the project was to improve scientific knowledge on marine litter by recording litter items based on a special protocol compiled by the members of the Marine Environment Cooperation Network as well as to raise awareness of local communities on the need to protect the marine environment form single use plastics.

Participants in the beach cleanups were 291 volunteers who collected 656 kg of litter. The vast majority were plastics, such as 3,010 bottle caps, 1,000 straws, 709 bottles, 519 bags, 507 single use cups and 300 food wraps/containersποτήρια μιας χρήσης και 300 συσκευασίες τροφίμων, but also other items were collected such as 446 pieces of broken glass, 221 aluminum cans and 129 pieces of clothing.

We wholeheartedly thank all participants for their voluntary contribution, the Elementary and High Schools on the islands, the ΑUEB Volunteers of the Αthens University for Economics and Business and the Beach Cleaning teams, the Municipalities and Port for their sound cooperation and ACLCF for their support!


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12 August 2020
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News The “Vorias” project was successfully completed by HELMEPA