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HELMEPA Environmental Exhibition in Xylokastro

5 Mar 2020

With great warmth, the Mayor of the Municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini, Mr. Vlassis Tsiotos, his associates, students, teachers, local entities and residents welcomed and hosted HELMEPA’s Mobile Exhibition on the “Marine Environment and Sciences” in their town.

In co-operation with the Association for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Environment of the Corinthian-Patras Gulf “Nireas”, the Primary Education Directorate of Corinth and under the auspices of the Municipality, the Exhibition operated at the “Angelos Sikelianos” Municipal Theater between 24th and 28th of February.

At the Exhibition, HELMEPA transported and provided guided tours to 500 students and 50 teachers from 8 Primary Schools of Xylokastro and the mountainous areas of Pyrgos, Mana and Riza. At an event organized by local bodies to protect the Corinthian Gulf, another 450 high school students from the local area had the opportunity to come across the themes of the Exhibition.

At each student visit, HELMEPA officers focused, among other things, on the problem of coastal and marine pollution from plastic waste that some of us throw away irresponsibly and emphasized simple ways of dealing with this problem. By consciously reducing our disposable plastics every day, we help control this pollution that we need to stop. The result of HELMEPA’s messages is also reflected in the following teacher’s comment in the guestbook:

“Exceptional exhibition and equally important presentation, aimed at fostering children’s interest and raising awareness for action for saving our planet. We thank HELMEPA for the program and wish you good luck in your endeavor. Congratulations to our municipality for this wonderful initiative!”

We wish to thank everyone who worked with us in Xylokastro as we commit to the call of Mayor Mr. Tsiotοs for further joint actions to protect the marine and coastal environment of the region and the wider Corinthian Gulf.


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22 October 2020
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