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HELMEPA Junior members show their love to Earth!

7 Apr 2020

Full of optimistic messages and love for the Earth were the 361 group drawings made by 3,600 children members of the HELMEPA Junior Program, who participated in this year’s Panhellenic Drawing Competition titled: We love the planet, our blue home”. The artworks came from 121 Elementary Schools and Kindergartens across Greece and the young artists were guided by 233 volunteer teachers of the Program.

The Evaluation Committee had a difficult task, not only because all the drawings were imaginative and beautiful, but also because they had to be evaluated online, due to the public health measures taken to reduce the spread of the pandemic. The best artworks selected are the following, according to Category:

Category A: 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers

  • 1st Prize:   6th Elementary School of Naousa, 2nd Grade, Group 2291(Α)
  • 2nd Prize:  6th Kindergarten of Nea Moudania of Chalkidiki, Groups 3110-3111(Ν)
  • 3rd Prize:   3rd Elementary School of Xylokastro, 1st Grade, Group 2357(Α)

Category B: 8-12 years old

  • 1st Prize:   1st Elementary School of Chaidari, 3rd Grade, Group 3270(Β)
  • 2nd Prize:  Elementary School of Marina-Pollon Neron-Giannakochori of Imathia, 4th Grade, Group 3189(Β)
  • 3rd Prize:   7th Elementary School of Kavala, 5th Grade, Group 2214(Γ)

The two first-prize winning artworks were printed as posters and feature the names of the young artists and their teachers, in Greek and English, as every year, but for now they will be distributed digitally, as the schools remain closed.

HELMEPA warmly congratulates all the children and teachers who participated enthusiastically and will each receive special Commemorative Certificates of Participation. Finally, a big thank you to the members of the Evaluation Committee, Mr. Stavros Georgiadis, cartoonist and creator of the “Seagull”, Ms Maria Lambridou, Teacher, Dr. Michalis Skoullos, Scientific Advisor to the Board of Directors of HELMEPA, Mr. Panos Dimitrakopoulos, HELMEPA’s Communication Advisor and Ms Christiana Prekezes, Executive Coordinator of the association.

1st Prize, 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers

2nd Prize, 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers

3rd Prize, 5-7 years old and Special Education Centers

1st Prize, 8-12 years old

2nd Prize, 8-12 years old

3rd Prize, 8-12 years old

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29 May 2020
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News HELMEPA Junior members show their love to Earth!