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HELMEPA supports Aegean 600

15 Jan 2020

It is with enthusiasm that HELMEPA became a supporter of the Aegean 600 new offshore sailing race, which will be organized by HORC (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club) in the summer of 2020 in the Aegean Sea.

HELMEPA’s decision to support Aegean 600 follows the long-standing cooperation with HORC, including the joint development and implementation of coastal cleanups and recycling programs during offshore sailing races for the past five years.

Specifically for the Aegean 600 race, which has no stops for participating boats, HELMEPA designed and HORC shall develop a Roadmap for participants, employees and volunteers of the race.

Thus, once again in its 38 year-long history, HELMEPA’s pioneering approach sets the tone for specialized actions to protect the marine environment during sailing races. Our sea, is the field of activity of both the maritime industry and all those who love sailing, inshore or offshore. For the above reasons, HELMEPA takes the lead by creating the relevant conditions, such as the Offshore Sailing Road Map as well as collaborations where needed, so that appropriate and substantial actions to protect the marine environment can begin in this area also.

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12 August 2020
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News HELMEPA supports Aegean 600