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New HELMEPA distance learning initiatives

28 Apr 2020

In order to continue to offer its Member companies the opportunity to train their officers during the new circumstances, HELMEPA adapted a number of seminars into Webinars and subjects of its Simulator’s courses into videos and provides them to the Members.

Specifically, the first online seminar (Webinar) “Marine Environmental Awareness” took place on April 14th with the participation of 41 Merchant Marine Officers and executives of 10 Managing Member Companies. This was an adaptation of the 2-day seminar under the same title and the participants evaluated it very positively. There were many questions posed during the discussion that followed, with most comments referring to shore disposal of solid waste in ports, highlighting problems such as inadequacy/non-availability of shore facilities or even refusal of acceptance of plastic and certain other types of waste, absence of institutional framework on port reception facilities or high costing in several areas, which creates a disincentive for delivery and finally opacity in the management of waste deliveries on land. Participants mentioned that among the most important environmental challenges in shipping today is management of new fuels and air emissions.

Positive are also the comments on the 4 training videos on topics of “Ship’s Handling“, which were sent to Member companies and are based on the presentations of the respective course of the Bridge Simulator, adapted also in English.

There is also a significant increase in the participation to HELMEPA’s on-line e-Learning platform. Specifically, more than 200 officers and staff of 20 Member companies are currently attending the two training “packages” on Pollution Prevention and Safety, in English, included in the program. Access is now free to Members regardless of credits and participants can receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Regarding the continuation of the planned 2020 Refresher Training Program, with the consent of the Lecturers, the seminars are now offered online (Webinars) to Members. The next seminar “Avoiding Pitfalls during PSC Inspections” will take place on May 5 – 7, in Greek, and focuses on the main causes of deficiencies recorded during PSC inspections on MARPOL and SOLAS. For more information, please contact the Maritime Training Center, email, tel. (+30) 210 9343088.

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29 May 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness
News New HELMEPA distance learning initiatives