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HELMEPA’s Exhibition on the Marine Environment in Corinthia

10 Apr 2019

HELMEPA’s mobile environmental exhibition titled “Marine Environment and Sciences” was launched yesterday, Tuesday 9 April in the Corinth region and specifically the coastal town of Vrachati,. The exhibition is placed under the auspices of the Municipality of Velo Vochas and is hosted at the Alkyon Resort Hotel until Friday 12 April.

In cooperation with the Directorates for Primary and Secondary Education of  Corinth, organized visits of 700 students and their teachers of Primary and High Schools in the region have been scheduled, as well as a visit of the “Second Chance” (Life-long learning) School of Assos-Lechaio. Their transport expenses to the Exhibition by coach are covered by HELMEPA.

Following the proposal of the Municipality of Velo Vochas, instead of an opening or closing ceremony, HELMEPA is providing all visiting schoolchildren with a light snack.

During the guided tours, HELMEPA’s scientists focus, among other, on the problem of plastic marine pollution and suggest simple ways in which we can all contribute to the solution by reducing single use plastics in our everyday life.

The positive response of the local educational community during the first day of the exhibition is reflected in the following remark of the Local High School Director in the visitor’s book:

“An excellent presentation and a very well organized exhibition. It provided a lot of information and raised environmental awareness among our children. That was a lesson worth taking…”.

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