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HELMEPA Summer Campaign Messages “travelling” in Greece and worldwide

2 May 2019

HELMEPA Summer Campaign Messages travelling in Greece and worldwide

This summer, as has been the case for the last 37 years, HELMEPA is circulating motivational posters to remind us all of our duty to ourselves not to throw garbage in seas and on beaches!

Featuring the “Seagull”, the two posters repeat to us who live on land HELMEPA’s historic message “No garbage – No plastics in Seas and on Beaches!. Some 6,000 students, who are Members of the “HELMEPA Junior” program, will post them in neighborhoods, at schools and nearby beaches. In addition, Port Masters, Marine Clubs, Associations, Maritime Museums and other cooperating entities have kindly undertaken the distribution of the posters as well.

Plastic Kills” is the message the third poster carries to seafarers onboard Member vessels sailing all over the oceans! It reminds them that each plastic thrown into the sea does not disappear but for many years it continues to break down to very small particles, the micro-plastics, which destroy marine life.

Therefore, let us ΑLL protect the seas and the beaches of Greece this summer as we really owe it to our children.

Let's Save the Seas
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16 July 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness
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