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HELMEPA’s Environmental Exhibition kicks off at Tripolis

20 Mar 2019

Τhe opening of HELMEPA’s revamped mobile Environmental Exhibition in the city of Tripoli, Peloponnesus took place on Tuesday 19 March with visits of students and teachers of Primary Schools from Tripolis, Megalopolis, Agios Andreas-Prastos and Tyros.

Titled “Marine Environment and Sciences”, the Exhibition is placed under the auspices of the Municipality of Tripolis and is hosted at the Apostolopouleio Cultural Center until 28 March 2019.

One of the main aims of the Exhibition is to highlight the fact that environmental pollution in the mainland and mountain regions also ends up in the sea and on beaches via rivers, runoff and the wind.  Additionally, a new section of the Exhibition focuses on the need to prevent plastic pollution. Among other, simple tips are suggested for all to contribute by reducing single use plastics in our everyday lives.

Indicative of the warm response even from the first day of the Exhibition is the following remark of a teacher from the 1st Primary School of Megalopolis in the visitors’ book:

It was a very interesting guided tour for kids and adults. Mountain inhabitantsbecame sea people, even for a short while. Thank you ever so much for all”.

In cooperation with the Directorates for Primary and Secondary Education of Arkadia, a full program of visits of 800 students from 18 Primary and High Schools of Arkadia has been compiled. Their transport expenses by coach are covered by HELMEPA.

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