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New TV and radio spot featuring HELMEPA’s Seagull

28 Jun 2019

Celebrating 37 years of HELMEPA’ s operation, we prepared a new TV and radio spot aiming to raise public awareness on the highly important issue of plastic pollution. With the long-standing motto “NO plastics – NO garbage in seas and on beaches” and starring HELMEPA’s Seagull, we ask people to consider the impacts of the reckless use of plastics that end up in the marine and wider natural environment. Specifically, in the new spot the Seagull highlights the dangers resulting from the break-down of plastics to microplastics for marine organisms and humans.

We note with satisfaction that TV and radio stations in Athens and the Periphery are broadcasting this social message, following its approval by the National Broadcasting Committee, thus enhancing the effort for Clean and Plastic-Free Seas and Beaches. So let’s all help in this direction!

We also forwarded the TV spot to member-companies with passenger vessels in order to spread the message to the hundreds of thousands of Greek and foreign passengers during the summer season and not only.

The TV spot is available at the following link


Let's Save the Seas
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3 June 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness
Uncategorized New TV and radio spot featuring HELMEPA’s Seagull