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Newsletter “Seagulls”

In the context of the Environmental Program “HELMEPA Junior”, the association issues the quarterly newsletter “Seagulls”. More than 5,000 copies of each issue are distributed to the student members and volunteer teachers participating in the program.

Press here to read the latest issue of
“Seagulls” newsletter (only in Greek)

Electronic Newsletter “HELMEPA Cadets’ Periscope”

HELMEPA publishes the monthly newsletter ” HELMEPA Cadets’ Periscope”, with the aim to bring young people closer to issues related with marine research, use of new technologies to protect the environment, as well as sciences and professions associated with the marine environment . The bulletin is sent electronically to the Members of the Environmental Program “HELMEPA Cadets” and organizations with interest in the marine environment.

Press here to download the latest issue of
“Periscope” newsletter (only in Greek)


Let's Save the Seas
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27 September 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness