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“NEWS” electronic newsletter

HELMEPA issues the “NEWS” electronic monthly newsletter, in both Greek and English and disseminates it to its Members, companies, vessels and seafarers as well as to cooperating entities in Greece and abroad.

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Annual Report of Activities

Every year, HELMEPA issues in Greek and English the Annual Report of the Association’s activities during the past year and disseminates it to its Members as well as to public and private entities in Greece and abroad.

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“The HELMEPA Navigator” Technical Bulletin

“The HELMEPA Navigator” technical bulletin is issued by the Maritime Training Center in Greek and English on a moonthly basis and sent electronically to the Members. This bulletin covers a broad spectrum of issues relating to marine technologies, the role of human element in shipping, latest developments in IMO and other international bodies, etc. Many Members forward the bulletin to vessels under their management.

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“The HELMEPA Monitor” Technical Bulletin

The bimonthly electronic english publication “The HELMEPA Monitor” is the culmination of our close collaboration with the US Coast Guard, which was heralded by the meeting between HELMEPA, representatives from a number of member-companies and the USCG in Washington in November 2014. It exclusively addresses ships sailing in US territorial waters and keeps readers informed on the latest news, developments, requirements and recommendations relevant to the issues of environmental protection, safe navigation and maritime transport across the US.

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Let's Save the Seas
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27 September 2020
Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness