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“Sea Days 2019” and HELMEPA

10 May 2019

HELMEPA celebrated “Sea Days 2019” of the Municipality of Piraeus with a symbolic voluntary cleanup of Freattyda beach. Among the participants were sensitized citizens of Piraeus, members of HELMEPA “Cadets” Program, of “HELMEPA Junior” members of the 14th Kindergarten of Nikea accompanied by their teachers and parents, as well as the Coordinator of the Directorate for Primary Education of Piraeus.

Kids and adults collected mainly single use plastic waste, such as straws, bottles and caps, beverage cups, food wrappers etc. At the same time, waste was recorded and separated into recyclable and non-recyclable items.

At the end of the activity, volunteers shouted aloud HELMEPA’s Seagull slogan No garbage, No plastics in our seas and on our beaches – Do the right thing… place all your trash in the binand wished everyone a Happy Summer!


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16 July 2020
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