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Network of Volunteer Teachers


In 2014 HELMEPA created the "Network of Volunteer Teachers for the Marine Environment", as part of the HELMEPA-LRF Campaign. During the Campaign's implementation period from 2014 to 2017, 10 seminars were held for teachers titled "Sea and Man: Ensuring a Sustainable Future".


The aim of these seminars was to inform the teachers about the latest developments in the thematic areas of the Campaign as well as to inform them about the current environmental challenges that humanity is facing, such as climate change and marine litter pollution. The Seminars were attended by 400 teachers, of whom 335 became members of the Network. In addition to the teachers who attended the specific Seminars, individual teachers who became interested in the course of the program for the marine environment became members of the Network.


All members of the Network of Volunteer Teachers had access to a dedicated website with supportive educational materials that they used to enhance their students' knowledge. They also had access to the presentations of the Seminars, receiving in addition regular information on various scientific developments related to the marine environment as well as HELMEPA's voluntary activities.



The Program is in the process of redesign. If you wish to be informed when it reopens, please let us know by filling the form here.