METAVASEA — People centered Transition for Maritime Decarbonization in the East Mediterranean


METAVASEA (*) is an ambitious five-year project aiming to train and upskill 1,500 seafarers, shipping professionals, and port workers in new fuels, digital awareness, sustainability and soft skills. It also seeks to boost the involvement of shipping companies and ports in maritime decarbonization initiatives, offer insights into shipping and community readiness for new fuels, identify region-specific opportunities, gaps, and challenges and raise climate awareness among 10,000 schoolchildren, 750 teachers and 2 million residents of the East Mediterranean, a climate change hot spot.


METAVASEA is coordinated by HELMEPA, in cooperation with 6 partners and 12 associate partners, and supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation.


(*) Metavasi is the Greek word for transition



A proactive collective initiative that:

Provides a region-specific overview of the state-of-play with regards to maritime decarbonization.

Identifies necessary skills and competences to support the green/digital transition.

Develops flexible training/upskilling/reskilling toolkits for seafarers, port workers.




  • Research study on infrastructure & necessary skills for maritime decarbonization in the East Mediterranean region
  • Workshops & webinars on safety culture for maritime decarbonization, emerging technologies & digital awareness, new skills & competences
  • Masterclasses on Environmental Leadership, Soft Skills & Marine Environmental Awareness
  • Simulation seminars on Bridge Resource Management & Soft Skills
  • Open access publication on people-centered transition for maritime decarbonization
  • Audiovisual public awareness material on climate change




More info to follow soon




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