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  • On 4th June, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA is founded. Following the initiative of the late Greek shipowner Mr. George P. Livanos, representatives of the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation and the Union of Greek Shipowners co-sign the Declaration of Voluntary Commitment “To Save the Seas“
  • Member-company Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises sets-up at their premises in Piraeus the first environmental exhibition of HELMEPA
  • The administration of HELMEPA is carried out by a 5-member Executive Committee and a nucleus of a Secretariat is set up under Admiral (Ret) T. Kosmatos
  • The Executive Committee appoints Mr Dimitris C. Mitsatsos as the new Director General of HELMEPA
  • Τhe 1st annual General Assembly of HELMEPA Members convenes and elects a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. George P. Livanos
  • Voluntary refresher training is offered to the Members coordinated by Mr Paul J. Ioannidis, Member of the Board
  • Artist Mr. Stavros Georgiadis creates HELMEPA’s “Seagull” image
  • Annual summer public awareness campaigns begin
  • Member-companies implement voluntarily from March the International Convention MARPOL 73/78 ahead of its entering into force, in October and are congratulated by the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the late C. P. Srivastava
  • The Director General presents HELMEPA’s founding and aims at the European Commission’s “Sea Technology Europe” Conference in Brussels
  • HELMEPA participates in the Seatrade International Maritime Exhibition in New York following the kind invitation of Mr. Themistoklis Vokos, Chairman of Seatrade Organization and organizer of the “Posidonia” Exhibition
  • A mobile exhibition begins visiting coastal towns and islands throughout the country aiming at raising the environmental awareness of schoolchildren
  • Educational visits of schoolchildren to the environmental Exhibition at the Ceres building begin on HELMEPA’s expenses
  • The visit of the Director General to the headquarters of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) marks the beginning of a long-standing cooperation between HELMEPA and the USCG
  • Captain Tom Robinson and Mr. Joe Angelo of the USCG present to HELMEPA Members in Piraeus the PSC requirements for foreign flag vessels visiting the US
  • The first bilingual aids are published and disseminated to the Members
  • George P. Livanos is re-elected as 1st Chairman of the Association
  • HELMEPA and the European Commission (EC) co-organize an international workshop titled “Does world shipping need more legislation?” in Athens
  • The “Guide Against Ship-Generated Marine Pollution” is issued on behalf of the EC, which disseminates the publication to the national delegations of IMO as its contribution to mark the European Year of the Environment
  • HELMEPA assumes the coordination of the “Blue Flags” campaign in Greece
  • The free-of-charge participation in “Posidonia ‘08” Exhibition begins, kind offer of Posidonia Exhibitions SA
  • The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) presents the Chairman, Mr. George P. Livanos with the Global 500 Award
  • An environmental awareness campaign addressed to the owners and crews of yachts and pleasure-craft in Greek marinas is launched
  • HELMEPA participates in the Pacem In Maribus Conference, in Halifax, Nova Scotia and presents the topic “Shipping Technologies in Greece and Europe” following the invitation of Dr Elizabeth Mann-Borgese, President of the International Ocean Institute (IOI) and friend of HELMEPA
  • In cooperation with IMO and INTERTANKO, a two-day Workshop on the Implementation of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 is organized in Athens
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘88” Exhibition
  • Participation in the “Navy Week” with the staging of an Environmental Exhibition on a Hellenic Navy landing vessel, which visits the islands of Samos and Mytilene
  • The Association in cooperation with UNEP/MAP organizes an International Workshop titled “Controlling and Eliminating Garbage in the Mediterranean Sea” in Athens
  • A three year-long environmental campaign co-financed by HELMEPA and the EC in the framework of the European MEDSPA program begins
  • More than 100.000 individuals have visited since 1983 HELMEPA’s permanent and mobile exhibitions
  • The new bilingual interactive software program titled “HELMEPA Index” containing information on the SOLAS, MARPOL and STCW International Conventions is made available to the Members
  • Along the lines of the “Blue Flags” program, 278 remote Greek beaches are identified by HELMEPA and receive the national “Golden Starfish” award
  • Participation in the “Posidonia ‘90” Exhibition
  • Seminars for fishermen and other environmental activities are organized under the European MEDSPA program
  • The officers that have participated in the Annual Refresher Training Seminars since their beginning in 1983 reach 5,345
  • Mr. Basil Ph. Papachristidis of Hellespont Shipping is elected as the 2nd Chairman of the Association and Mr. G. P. Livanos is announced as Honorary Chairman
  • HELMEPA assumes the coordination in Greece of the International Coastal Cleanup Campaign
  • A long-standing cooperation with the World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden begins and the Director General of HELMEPA becomes visiting Professor
  • The Board of Directors decides that HELMEPA resigns from the management of the “Blue Flags” campaign in Greece
  • IMO officials audit a HELMEPA seminar in Piraeus
  • The STW Sub-Committee of IMO expresses its appreciation for HELMEPA’s voluntary refresher training initiative
  • The bilingual publication titled “Ship’s Manual” is made available to the Association’s Members and is distributed to the national delegations at IMO
  • The first refresher training seminar at sea on board Member-tanker vessel “HELLESPONT PARAMOUNT” takes place in Rotterdam
  • VADM J. Henn of the the US Coast Guard visits HELMEPA and presents to the Members the HELMEPA Model Response Plan as corrected by the USCG
  • The Association supports the establishment of the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association-CYMEPA, under the Chairmanship of Sir Stelios Hadjioannou
  • The General Assembly awards the title of Honorary Member to the following personalities in recognition of their contribution to the development of HELMEPA:
    • Dr Edgar Gold,
    • Dr Matheos D. Los,
    • Mr. Spyros P Mavrikis,
    • Mr. John A. Polychronopoulos, and
    • Captain Michael Zenzefyllis
  • The “HELMEPA Junior” Program addressed to children ages 5-13 is launched in Greece with the support of Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos
  • The Association’s video production titled “Planet Earth: our One and only Home” is disseminated to all schools throughout the country
  • Captain John Challas, General Secretary of the Panhellenic Seafarers’ Federation, is elected as the Association’s 3rd Chairman
  • The General Assembly awards the title of Honorary Member to the following personalities in recognition of their contribution to the development of HELMEPA:
    • Mr. Paul J. Ioannidis,
    • Mr. Miltiadis Lazarimos, and
    • Mr. Basil Ph. Papachristidis
  • The Association contributes towards the founding of the British Marine Environment Protection Association-BRITMEPA, under the Chairmanship of Captain A. Starling-Lark of the Sea Safety Group UK
  • In cooperation with the Canadian Coast Guard, HELMEPA produces the bilingual publication “Guide for Greek Seafarers in Canadian Waters” and makes it available to the Members
  • Children participating in HELMEPA’s initiatives reach 152,450
  • Upon the initiative of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping and with the contribution of HELMEPA, the founding of the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association-TURMEPA takes place under the Chairmanship of Mr. Rahmi Koc
  • A multi-faceted LIFE project is carried out focusing on 68 beaches in 7 areas of Greece and co-funded by HELMEPA and the European Commission
  • The first issue of the children’s newspaper “The Young Seagulls” is produced and distributed to the members of HELMEPA Junior
  • Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos of Costamare Shipping Co. SA is elected as 4th Chairman
  • The permanent Exhibition at the Ceres company in Piraeus is revamped
  • Captain Nikolaos Spertos, who is the Association’s 1st of 10,000 member-seafarers, is honored by HELMEPA
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘96”
  • The HELMEPA-LIFE project is completed
  • A bilingual children’s album and 3 educational videos are disseminated to schools in Greece
  • The publications titled “The New STCW and Code: Who Complies and How?” and “SOLAS and Seafarers” codified for tankers, bulk carriers and passenger ships are distributed to the Members
  • Participation in the “Navy Week” with an environmental Exhibition hosted on-board a landing vessel of the Hellenic Navy at the island of Cephalonia
  • Presentation at the International Conference titled “Environment and Communication” at the School of Chalki following an invitation by the Ecumenical Patriarch
  • RADM Robert North, Head of the Pollution Prevention and Maritime Safety Division of the USCG visits HELMEPA and addresses the Members
  • HELMEPA mourns the passing away of its Honorary Chairman and founder, George P. Livanos and establishes a post-graduate scholarship in his memory
  • In cooperation with the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation the Uruguayan Marine Environment Protection Association-URUMEPA is founded under the Chairmanship of Captain Winston Larrosa
  • Member-company Costamare Shipping finances and hosts at their premises in Paleo Faliro an environmental Exhibition for schoolchildren, as part of the “HELMEPA Junior” program
  • The bilingual publication titled “USCG Port State Control Examinations” is published and made available to the Members
  • The officers that have participated since 1983 in Annual Refresher Training Seminars reach 10,085
  • Ιn collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and with the financial support of Member companies, the permanent environmental exhibition hosted at the Ceres company in Piraeus becomes interactive
  • UNEP presents to HELMEPA in Moscow the Global 500 Award for “the outstanding contribution of HELMEPA Junior members towards the protection of the environment”
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘98”
  • Participation in the Conference titled “Shipping in the New Millennium: Initiatives and Challenges” in Brisbane, Australia
  • Cooperation with Mr. Μichael Julian, Chairman of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of ΙΜΟ, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and Queensland Transport towards the founding of an Australian MEPA
  • Following an invitation by the SG of IMO, Mr. William O’ Neil, HELMEPA presents the “HELMEPA Junior” Program at 43 MEPC and the subject is included in the report of the 1st General Assembly of IMO under the title of “Environmental Awareness in Youth”
  • Mr. Peter G. Livanos of Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises is elected as 5th Chairman
  • The General Assembly awards the title of Honorary Chairman to Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos
  • HELMEPA co-signs in Brisbane the Founding Declaration of the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association-AUSMEPA under the Chairmanship of Captain Michael Alexander
  • In cooperation with AMSA, HELMEPA produces and makes available to its Members the bilingual publication titled “Guide for Greek Seafarers in Australian Waters”
  • Children-members of HELMEPA Junior, following an invitation by IMO SG, Mr. William O’ Neil, address the MEPC Plenary in London
  • The President of the Greek Republic, Mr. Kostis Stefanopoulos, presents HELMEPA with the Athens Academy Award
  • Τhe Mayor of Athens, Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, presents to HELMEPA the medal of the City of Athens
  • The children’s album “Multicolored Spots” is produced and disseminated to schools sponsored by member-company Empros Lines
  • HELMEPA’s website www.helmepa.gr goes on-line
  • Mr. Michael Julian of AMSA, Admiral Robert North of USCG and Dr Karl Laubstein, Rector of the World Maritime University address the Members of HELMEPA
  • Mr. Nikolas P. Tsakos of Tsakos Energy Navigation is elected as the 6th Chairman
  • HELMEPA celebrates its 20th Anniversary at the Athens Concert Hall
  • Dr Elizabeth Mann-Borgese passes away and HELMEPA dedicates to her memory the HELMEPA Junior Action Plan
  • Participation of volunteer teachers in the “HELMEPA Junior” activities exceeds 1,000
  • Admiral Th. Collins, Commandant of the USCG, visits HELMEPA and speaks at a training seminar about the new Security Code
  • The Director General of HELMEPA visits the USCG Headquarters in Washington DC, for cooperation on the issue of Ship Security
  • The HELMEPA Model Ship Security Plan is compiled and made available to the Members
  • A special training crash course on Security is offered to the Association’s Members
  • The children that have participated in HELMEPA’s initiatives reach 211,838
  • The General Assembly presents the title of Honorary Member to the following personalities in recognition of their contribution to the international projection of HELMEPA:
    • Mr. Themistoclis Vokos,
    • Mr. William A. O’ Neil
  • An exchange of visits takes place between children from HELMEPA and TURMEPA on the island of Chios and Cesme in Turkey respectively and voluntary activities such as beach cleanups are carried out
  • HELMEPA and UNEP/MAP cooperate in the production and wide dissemination of environmental awareness material during the Olympic Games of Athens
  • Officers that have participated in the Annual Refresher Training Seminars since 1983 reach 15,129
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘04”
  • HELMEPA participates in the Maritime Exhibition and Conference organized by Mr. Neil Baird, AUSMEPA member in Hong Kong
  • The General Assembly presents the title of Honorary Member to Mr. David Moorhouse for his contribution to the expansion of the “HELMEPA Junior” program
  • The Director General presents the aims and the activity of HELMEPA to the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, delegates of the Neva Maritime Exhibition in St. Petersburg and the academic community of Tokyo upon the initiative of Captain Panagiotis Tsakos
  • The Secretary General of IMO, Mr. Efthymios Mitropoulos, nominates children-members of HELMEPA, CYMEPA and TURMEPA as “Ambassadors of IMO for the Environment” at the Children’s World Summit for the Environment in Japan
  • Mr. Nicolas Pappadakis of A.G. Pappadakis and Co. Ltd. is elected as 7th Chairman of the Association
  • The General Assembly presents the title of Honorary Member to Captain Manolis Kavousanakis
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘06”
  • AUSMEPA, CYMEPA, HELMEPA and TURMEPA sign the founding Constitution of the International Marine Environment Protection Association, INTERMEPA, with headquarters at HELMEPA
  • Mr. Neil Baird assumes the role of “Roving Ambassador” of INTERMEPA in the Far East
  • Children-members of HELMEPA and TURMEPA address the Plenary meeting of IMO’s MEPC, representing INTERMEPA
  • Associate corporate member Germanischer Lloyd hosts an exhibition of artworks from children-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” program at their headquarters in Hamburg
  • The new bilingual technical e-bulletin titled “Navigator” is made available to the Members
  • HELMEPA celebrates its 25th anniversary during a special event at the Athens Concert Hall on 6 June
  • The European Parliament awards the winning drawings of the Contest organized for the children-members of HELMEPA, CYMEPA and TURMEPA
  • With the support of HELMEPA, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association-NAMEPA is founded in New York under the Chairmanship of Mr. Clay Maitland and the Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association-UKRMEPA is founded in Odessa under the Chairmanship of Professor I. Pupenko
  • The 50th issue of the children’s newspaper “Glaropoula” addressed to the members of “HELMEPA Junior” was published
  • Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos is elected as the 8th Chairman of HELMEPA
  • Germanischer Lloyd certifies HELMEPA’s Maritime Section as “Maritime Training Center”, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard
  • Children-members of HELMEPA and CYMEPA participate in the International Children’s Conference for the Environment in Norway as “IMO Ambassadors for the Marine Environment”
  • The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust pledges its financial support to the expansion of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program over the three years to follow
  • HELMEPA becomes an official partner of the International Polar Year and participates in “Posidonia ‘08”
  • “HELMEPA Junior” celebrates its 15th anniversary during a special event at the Athenaeum Intercontinental hotel
  • The Chairmen and Directors of AUSMEPA, CYMEPA, NAMEPA and TURMEPA meet in Athens
  • The children-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program reach 50,000
  • Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos is re-elected as the 9th Chairman of the Association
  • HELMEPA mourns the loss of the late Maria P. Tsakos, General Secretary of the Board
  • More than 2,000 volunteer Teachers have contributed since 1994 to the successful implementation of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program
  • The Seatrade Awards presents to HELMEPA the “Investment in People” award in London, for the voluntary refresher training offered to the Greek maritime community
  • Τhe Lloyd’s List Awards present the “2010 Man of the Sea” award to the Director General of HELMEPA, Mr. D.C. Mitsatsos in recognition of his contribution towards the protection of the marine environment from pollution.
  • Participation in “Posidonia ’10”
  • HELMEPA mourns the loss of the Association’s Chairman, the late Captain Vassilis C. Constantakopoulos
  • The Board of Directors establishes a scholarship for postgraduate studies in memory of Captain Vassilis
  • Dr John Coustas, Vice-Chairman of the Association takes over as Chairman
  • Germanischer Lloyd certifies the Association as a “Maritime Training Center for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness”, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard
  • The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards presents HELMEPA with the “Achievement in Safety or Environmental Protection” award for its long-standing contribution to the prevention of pollution from ships and the continuous upgrading of safety at sea
  • The Association begins the implementation of the 3 year-long “Marine Environment and Sciences’ Awareness Campaign” across 12 Greek cities, with the kind support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation)
  • Dr John Coustas is elected 10th Chairman of the Association
  • The Board decides to expand even further HELMEPA’s audience through the use of social media
  • Participation in “Posidonia ‘12”
  • The Museum of the City of Athens – Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation and HELMEPA co-organize at the grounds of the Museum an Exhibition of 54 artworks from 800 children-members of the “HELMEPΑ Junior” Program, ages 5-13, which is visited by the schools of Athens
  • The SG of ΙΜΟ, Mr. Koji Sekimizu addresses HELMEPA’s new publication titled “Pollution Prevention from Shipping: 30 years HELMEPA and MARPOL”
  • The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards presents HELMEPA with the “Achievement in Education or Training” award
  • The Maritime Administration of Cyprus recognizes the DNV GL certified Seminar of HELMEPA on “Marine Environmental Awareness”
  • The “HELMEPA Junior” Program celebrates 20 years of operation, with a total participation of 71,000 children-members throughout Greece
  • Visitors to the permanent and mobile exhibitions of HELMEPA, from 1983 to 2013, exceeded 200,000
  • Dr John Coustas is re-elected as the 11th Chairman of the Association
  • The Board decides to expand the “HELMEPA Junior” Program
  • Participation in “Posidonia '14”. HELMEPA organizes an international conference titled “Energy efficiency measures on existing vessels”
  • The General Assembly presents the title of Honorary Member to the following personalities in recognition of their contribution to the development and projection of HELMEPA in international shipping:
    • Mr. Efthymios Mitropoulos,
    • Captain Panagiotis Tsakos,
    • Mr. Nikolaos Tsavliris, and
    • Mr. Joseph Angelo
  • The new 3 year-long “Educational Community and Public Awareness Campaign on the Marine Environment, Shipping and Science” across 14 towns and cities of Greece begins with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation (the Foundation)
  • The Piraeus Port Captains Club awards HELMEPA “for its significant contribution to society and the maritime industry” and presents the title of Honorary Member to the Association’s Director General
  • HELMEPA becomes coordinator of the European Cleanup Day initiative in Greece
  • The publication titled “HELMEPA’s Guide on US Coast Guard Port State Control examinations” is produced in printed and electronic format and disseminated to the Members
  • The bi-monthly e-bulletin “The HELMEPA Monitor” is issued and made available to the Association’s Members
  • Children that have participated in HELMEPA’s initiatives reach 287, 935
  • The 33rd General Assembly decides that those Greek-owned ship-owning companies of gross tonnage between 500 and 5,000 may register as HELMEPA Members by paying a reduced annual membership fee. Also, it establishes the new category of “Partner Members” for companies and organizations, the annual membership fee of which will be set by the Board of Directors
  • HELMEPA coordinates for the 25th consecutive year in Greece the Ιnternational Coastal Cleanup (ICC) campaign
  • The BoD accepts the kind proposal and offer of the Special Secretary, Mrs. Irini Daifa and announces an annual Scholarship in memory of her late father, Mr. Stavros Daifas, Founding Member of HELMEPA
  • Dr George Gratsos was elected 12th Chairman of HELMEPA by the Members of the Board of Directors, which resulted from the 34th Annual General Assembly’s elections
  • During the Assembly, the Director General, D.C. Mitsatsos presented the departing Chairman, Dr John Coustas, with HELMEPA’s coat of arms in appreciation of his initiatives for the spreading of its messages with the use of new technology and the enrichment of the association’s training programs with a Full Mission Bridge Simulator donated by DNV GL, Associate Corporate Member of HELMEPA
  • The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards present to the children’s environmental program titled “HELMEPA Junior” the “Achievement in Safety or Environmental Protection” award
  • HELMEPA celebrates its 35th Anniversary at the Yacht Club of Greece
  • The association is honored with the EFKRANTI Award for Best Communication Strategy, “for its organized, consistent, transparent and meaningful communication policy through cooperation with mass media representatives”
  • Dr. George Gratsos is re-elected as  HELMEPA’s 13th Chairman
  • The United Arab Emirates Marine Environment protection Association – UAEMEPA is founded in the presence of the IMO Secretary General
  • A Memorandum of Cooperation with non profit-making organization Axion Hellas is signed and HELMEPA participates for the first time in the mission to the islands of Chios and Psarra
  • The Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology presents an award to HELMEPA“for its contribution to the nurturing of an environmental consciousness within the Greek shipping community”
  • HELMEPA signs a  Memorandum of Cooperation  with the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation and becomes member of the “Cooperation Network for the Marine Environment”
  • HELMEPA receives an Honorary Award by the organizers of “Environmental Awards 2018”
  • The new 3-year project titled “Enhancing the Understanding of New and Enduring Challenges in Maritime Safety Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean” is launched, with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation, in Greece and Cyprus
  • The CEO of AMSA, Mick Kinley, presents Australia’s policy on visiting foreign Flag vessels to HELMEPA Members
  • HELMEPA becomes the first non-profit Partner of international organization “1% for the Planet” in Greece
  • The Club of Rome presents an award to HELMEPA for “its long-lasting sensitivity and actions for the protection of the environment”
  • A Memorandum of Cooperation is signed with the Hellenic Navy Seals Association
  • Semiramis Paliou is elected as the 14th Chairperson following the 38th General Assembly of the Members, which took place for the first time online
  • Seminars of the Refresher Training Program are carried out for the first time livestream on the internet due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • A Memorandum of Cooperation is signed with the Periphery of the Ionian Islands