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Quality Policy

Any information offered to member-companies and seafarers on issues related to shipping, to the wider Public regarding environmental issues related to social behavior and to the international community towards expanding the philosophy of HELMEPA must be consistent, transparent, correct, valid, timely and always abiding by the Quality Objectives outlined hereunder.


Continuous review and improvement of services offered by the Center in all tiers of activities, functioning as sections in an interrelated way, is ensured through the setting of and implementing Specific Targets and Key Performance Indicators.


(a) By instilling and nurturing environmental consciousness, safety mindedness and security alertness in all ranks within member companies and vessels by means of annual voluntary refresher training programs and supportive material, the level of knowledge, awareness and vigilance at sea and on land is upgraded, whilst respect to seafarer, consistency and transparency serve as the pillars on which this effort is based.

(b) When constructing an annual refresher training program the following components are taken into account:


  • Developments of the international maritime legislation at the levels of IMO and the European Union,
  • Regulations issued by national authorities like Coast Guards,
  • Regulations by the Port State Control MoUs,
  • Needs of member companies, and
  • Proposals and evaluations made by the program participants each year.


(c) An ever updated statistical data bank on maritime incidents-deficiencies-detentions of member vessels and those of the world, the European Union and the Greek Flag is maintained so that identified weak areas are dealt with in subsequent training programs.


(d) Partnerships with regulatory and non-governmental agencies and organizations engaged in the protection of the marine environment, safety of life at sea and security, within and beyond world shipping, are forged.