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Autumn with HELMEPA Webinars

Giving priority to the safety of speakers and participants, we continue after the summer break the seminars of the 2020 Refresher Training Program in the form of webinars. The beginning was made with the seminars “Avoiding Pitfalls during PSC Inspections” (15-17 / 9) and “Emergency Preparedness and Response” (24-25 / 9), with the participation of more than 90 and 70 office executives and bridge and engine officers respectively, from 24 Member managing companies.

Throughout the webinars, participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers, not only through written or oral comments and questions, but also by replying to a series of polls that were added into the flow of presentations, helping to capture the views of the audience as well as to consolidate and clarify key information in relation to each issue.

It is with great pleasure that we recorded numerous positive comments from the participants of both webinars, as well as their warm thanks to the speakers from the following companies and Member organizations as well as collaborating bodies that contributed to their smooth conduct:

  • Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • Cleopatra Shipping Agency Ltd.
  • Diana Shipping Services S.A.
  • Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) S.A.
  • Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd.
  • Minoa Marine Limited
  • RINA Hellas Ltd.
  • UK P&I Club/Thomas Miller (Hellas) Ltd., and
  • Coast Guard / Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters – Safety of Navigation Directorate (4th PSC Inspection Coordination Department) & Operations Directorate (1st Division – Unified Search and Rescue Coordination Center)

Although HELMEPA seminars are traditionally addressed to Greek seafarers and executives, their organization under the current circumstances as webinars makes it possible for foreign officers, serving on ships under the management of Member companies, to participate remotely. Thus, the one-day webinars on “Safe Carriage of Dangerous Solid Bulk Cargoes” on Tuesday 6 October and “TMSA Implementation and Preparation for Vetting Inspections” on Tuesday 13 October will be carried out for the first time in English.