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World Environment Day 2020: It’s Time for Nature, without garbage and plastic!

In these special circumstances that humanity is currently experiencing, the celebration of this World Environment Day is an opportunity to consider that we are just a link in the chain of life on our planet and that we must always act with respect for our natural environment, without degrading it. For 2020, the United Nations has therefore chosen the moto “It’s Time for Nature”.

This year, HELMEPA celebrates World Environment Day with two actions. We choose June 5th for the start of our summer campaign with the slogan “Clean Seas and Beaches” starring HELMEPA’s popular ‘Seagull’ in the new Poster, which reminds us that we return to the beaches, but with CAUTION and RESPECT towards our marine and coastal environment, without disposable plastics and other litter.

Moreover, we are organizing an educational online seminar titled “The wonderful marine world” for children hosted at the facilities of the voluntary non-profit organization of mother and child protection Ark of the World. Children in two guest houses will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of the seas, the dangers caused by the reckless human activities as well as the ways we can all participate in their protection.

We sincerely wish that the protection of the environment stays in our minds every day and not only on June 5th!


2020 HELMEPA Summer Campaign poster