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HELMEPA Junior Representatives meet on-line

On Friday 18 December, 14 children-members of the most active "HELMEPA Junior" groups during the 2019-2020 school year, met online for the 27th annual Meeting of the program, representing 7,580 children throughout Greece.


Participants of this special meeting i.e. children, parents, teachers and Coordinators of School Activities were welcomed by the Chairwoman of HELMEPA, Semiramis Paliou, who thanked the children for their activities and their teachers for guiding their pupils and inspiring them to take care of the environment.


On behalf of the family of the late Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos that continues to support the program since 1993, the guests were greeted by Thanassis Beis, General Manager of Costamare Shipping and member of HELMEPA’s Board. In his brief address, he stressed that environmental education and awareness raising of children is a great investment towards achieving the Association’s aims and congratulating teachers and children, he expressed his wish that prevailing conditions will allow the next annual Meeting to be hosted at the company’s offices in P. Faliro, as in the past.


Coordinator of this unique on-line event was the program’s officer Dimitris Kazas, who then gave the floor to the kids to talk about their favorite activities and announce the following environmental messages:


  • Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Stelios-Dimitris, 5th Kindergarten of Chrysoupoli, Kavala

"To be able to dive to the bottom of the sea, I make sure I always maintain it clean!!!"


  • Attica

Malena, 4th Primary School, Chalandri, Athens

"Love the sea, swim in it! If you clean the coastline, you give beauty to your life!

Do not pollute the planet, our blue home."


  • North Aegean

Konstantina, 7th Kindergarten of Mytilene, Lesvos Island

"I love the environment and I take care of it as much as I can. I do not forget the words of HELMEPA’s Seagull, which I put into practice immediately. But that is not enough, we must all help together. We collect garbage from the shores and maintain the seas clean."


  • Western Greece

Dimitris, 12th Primary School of Agrinio

"I have a real friend. It is blue and beautiful. A love forever. I care and I act, to keep it clean!"


  • Western Macedonia

Nikiforos, Primary School of Armenochori, Florina

"Our children voices want to tell you a truth: If the environment gets destroyed, people will have no life. But we have a magic filter for you, which is the medicine of the earth. Recycle, Reuse, Say NO to plastics. Children, we can all together protect the earth. Rivers, forests, oceans, treasures of the whole earth."


  • Epirus

Paraskevi, Voutsara Kindergarten of Ioannina

"No garbage in the ocean. We want a clean planet!"


  • Thessaly

Dimitris & Kimonas, 1st Kindergarten of Afetes, Neochori Pilio

"Let us respect all the animals and plants that live around us and let us all coexist happily on this wonderful planet. Because we deserve to live in a better world!!!"


  • Ionian Islands

Angelika, Kindergarten of Alepou, Corfu Island

"Change the habits that pose a risk, volunteer, show interest. The seas need you and will offer you what you need for a life with a future."


  • Central Macedonia

Elisavet, Primary School of Agia Paraskevi, Thessaloniki

"We love and care for the environment, just like ourselves"


  • Crete

Katia-Nefeli, Primary School of Gournes, Heraklion

"We love the environment, like our home!!! Help us keep the seas clean!

Animals to stay healthy! And the garbage away!"


  • South Aegean

Elena, 22nd Kindergarten of Rhodes

"The planet belongs to us, so LET'S GIVE IT COLOR, let us green the earth, and thus we will give breath to our lives !!"


  • Peloponnese

Petros, 1st Kindergarten of Gargaliani, Messinia

"As soon as I walk out of the door, I love the whole world. People, animals, trees, fish, birds, they are no different from me. All together let’s help our planet, if we want to live in harmony with nature."


  • Central Greece

Antonia, 2nd Primary School of Istiaia, Evia Island

"I love my environment and I do not want to lose it. It has offered me so much, but some people are ruining it. But WE can make the change! "


Equally encouraging were the words of volunteer teachers and Coordinators of School Activities of the Ministry of Education, who referred to HELMEPA’s long standing contribution environmental awareness in youth stressing that even in time of need i.e. during the pandemic, our continuous e-communication “gave them courage”.


We thank them all, kids and adults and look forward to seeing them again next year, in physical presence!