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Mrs. Olga Stavropoulou, the new HELMEPA Director General

HELMEPA is pleased to announce the arrival of Mrs. Olga Stavropoulou, who is taking over the duties of the Director General of the Association.


With 25 years of successful professional career, collaborations with leading organizations and companies in Greece and abroad, deep understanding of international policies and management experience from the position of Founder & Managing Partner, she has been distinguished for the conception, production and coordination of innovative and complex projects, with more than 100+ European projects in the fields of education, environment, blue economy, culture, entrepreneurship, and a variety of awareness-raising activities mobilizing thousands of citizens.


Equipped with creativity and professionalism, Ms. Stavropoulou is called upon ensuring that the vision "To Save the Seas" of the Founders of the Association guides the work of HELMEPA, displaying pro-active response to the present-day environmental, scientific and technological developments.


"Synergies, good practices, the production of scientific content, interaction with the wider society and the use of new technologies highlight our approach to produce sustainable value, by creating conditions of common good for maritime safety and the cultivation of environmental awareness." (Olga Stavropoulou).


The Board of Directors welcome Mrs. Stavropoulou to HELMEPA and wish her good luck in her new duties.


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