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HELMEPA bids farewell to two true supporters

The Chairperson Semiramis Paliou, the Members of the Board of Directors and all of us in HELMEPA, express our deepest sorrow for the losses of Pavlos Ioannidis and Maria Tsakos.


Pavlos I. Ioannidis served as Member of the Board of Directors of HELMEPA (1983-1985 and 1990-1994) and in 1983, he was the one who laid the foundations of the Training Activities of the Association, and the first to introduce the principles of safety to the Greek merchant marine officers –and the Greek shipping industry in general– under which the global aviation industry already operated. For his valuable contribution to HELMEPA, the General Assembly awarded him the title of Honorary Member.


Maria E. Tsakos served as Special Secretary of the Board of Directors in the period 2012-2014. She stood out, among other things, for her perseverance, kindness and active participation in the Association, contributing significantly in the development of HELMEPA's initiatives for the cultivation of environmental awareness.


We are grateful that we had them by our side.


Warm condolences to the families and their loved ones.