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HELMEPA honors the Day of the Seafarer


Always at the forefront, keeping alive the global supply chain 


The global shipping community pays due respect to approximately 1.5 million seafarers who are constantly on the front line, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, moving 60,000 ships across the seas and oceans, keeping the supply chain alive around the world.


The International Maritime Organization (IMO), with this year 's message "A Fair Future for Seafarers", highlights the international urgent need to support seafarers on issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic such as the facilitation of crew changes by the governments of all countries and the priority vaccination of seafarers as key workers. It also emphasizes the need to provide a safe and secure environment on ships, reasonable working conditions fair treatment in all situations and respect for the rights of all seafarers, regardless of race, gender and religion.


Global economic growth is based on merchant vessels delivering each year more than 99% of their cargo safely to their destination with the least impact on the environment. Despite the improved living conditions on modern vessels and the conveniences that technology offers in the performance of duties on board, the daily life of the seafarer is still characterized by the deprivation of their family and friends as well as other amenities of social life that the rest of us enjoy on land.


The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA, created jointly through the voluntary commitment of Greek shipowners and seafarers, wholeheartedly thanks all the seafarers around the world, as well as the 15,000 Greek seafarers-members of the Association, for the valuable services they provide for a better world, with safe and healthy seas and oceans.


Listen to the message of IMO Secretary General, Mr Kitack Lim, for the Day of the Seafarer here.


If you are a seafarer, take part in the IMO survey titled "Seafarers, we are listening" by filling out the questionnaire here.