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HELMEPA Chairperson Semiramis Paliou, New Vice-chairperson of INTERMEPA

New impetus for the international marine environment coalition


The Steering Committee of the International umbrella organization of Marine Environment Protection Associations (INTERMEPA) convened on June 29 2021, to share and transfer knowledge and best environmental practices in the Mediterranean Sea, North America and Black Sea. The goal of INTERMEPA is to maximize sustainable impact by leveraging joint resources in order to respond to the severe global environmental challenges.


Marine litter, eutrophication and the recent ‘sea snot’ phenomenon in the Marmara Sea, biodiversity, environmental awareness, safety at sea, sustainability training (ESGs – SDGs), were a few of the topics which emerged from the Members’ presentations.

The high-level Steering Committee, consisting of the Chairpersons and Directors of CYMEPA (Cyprus), HELMEPA (Greece), NAMEPA (North America), TURMEPA (Turkey), UKRMEPA (Ukraine) and URUMEPA (Uruguay) unanimously elected Mr Joseph Hughes (NAMEPA Chairman) and Mrs Semiramis Paliou (HELMEPA Chairperson) to act as Chairman and Vice-Chairperson of INTERMEPA for the following two years.

“There is a global urgency to protect our planet. The opportunity for INTERMEPA to collectively contribute to that effort is immense and will be activated”, stated newly appointed INTERMEPA Chairman Mr Joe Hughes. The fresh impetus and plans for INTERMEPA are also highlighted by the statement of the new Vice-Chairperson Mrs Semiramis Paliou: “International focus groups, innovation projects and hands-on synergies with sustainable impact will form the basis for further effort and actions and will ensure the continuation of INTERMEPA’s 15 year-long significant work towards achieving marine protection for a healthy planet.”