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Safe works at sea and port facilities by HELMEPA and Elefsis Port Authority

The need for strict compliance with safety rules while working on board ships, boats and in ports, the continuous training of employees and port users on safety issues and the enhancement of their skills so that they can cope with the ongoing green and digital transition of the shipping industry were highlighted in the Workshop co-organized by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA, the Elefsis Port Authority SA (EPA) and the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT), on Wednesday, 9 March 2022, at the Labor and Employment Center of Elefsis-West Attica.


The initiative is part of the program “Enhancing the Understanding of New and Enduring Challenges in Maritime Safety Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean”, implemented by HELMEPA in cooperation with member-companies Lloyd’s Register and DYNAMARINe in Greece and CYMEPA in Cyprus with the support of Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF*).


The Association of Elefsina Port Stevedores, the Elefsina Nautical Club and the Fishing Association of Nea Peramos & Pachi Megaron "Agios Georgios" also participated in the workshop.


The workshop was honored by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament of West Attica Mr. George Kotsiras, the Secretary of Parliament and Member of Parliament of West Attica Mr. Evangelos Liakos, who in their welcome note congratulated Elefsis Port Authority for its initiatives. Present at the event were also the Executive Director of Elefsis 2023 - European Capital of Culture Ms. Sultana Spiropoulou, the representative of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities Mr. Christos Koukovinis and representatives of local organizations and stakeholders of the wider region.


During salutations, the President of Elefsis Port Authority Mr. George Koumbetsos referred to the importance placed on safety issues in the port of Elefsina and the extrovert approach adopted by scheduling such important events, addressed to a wide audience. Also, welcome notes on the part of the organizers were addressed by the President of the Labor and Employment Center of Elefsis-West Attica Mr. Evangelos Liggos, the Head of Port Services and representative of the employees in EPA’s Board Mr. Konstantinos Christou, the President of the Stevedores Association of Elefsis Mr. Christos Katsogiannis and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Elefsis Nautical Club Mr. Christos Adam. An online greeting was also made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ΗΙΜΤ, Professor Grigoris Grigoropoulos.


Welcoming the participants to the event, the CEO of Elefsis Port Authority Mr. Apostolos Kamarinakis welcomed the attendees emphasizing that the informative initiatives of EPA will continue and invited all stakeholders to cooperate in order to overcome difficulties.


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The Workshop’s program included presentations by distinguished speakers on maritime safety, port operations and challenges currently facing port facilities.


HELMEPA’s Head of Strategy and Development, Mr. Costas Triantafillou, presented the activities and findings of the program to date towards strengthening maritime safety culture in Greece and Cyprus and focused on the operation of HELMEPA’s Voluntary Incident Reporting Platform (VIRP), which is now also available for small vessels.


Following, Ms. Zoe Anastassopoulou, Lloyd’s Register Inspector, spoke about the importance of the human factor in the prevention of accidents on small vessels (professional, leisure, fishermen).


Mr. Christos Georgousopoulos, Member of the Board of Directors of HIMT, DPA/CSO-Newbuildings Manager, Ariston Navigation Corp., referred to the types of risks faced by port workers, the necessary precautions, and best practices for the modernization of port operations.


The challenges and prospects for training and education in the Greek Port Industry were presented by Dr. Angelos Vlachos, Development Consultant and Training Director of the "EXANTAS" Institute.


While focusing on the safe execution of works in port facilities, the workshop also included presentations on safety aimed at informing marine professionals, fishermen, sailing/leisure boat crews, local actors and all those who enjoy the sea either professionally or for leisure.


Dr. Nikos Mazarakis, Physicist-Meteorologist introduced the subject of marine meteorology and presented ways in which we can avoid weather pitfalls.


Mr. Costas Kalogeropoulos, Secretary of the Offshore Committee of the Hellenic Sailing Federation and Mr. Manos Roudas, Member of the Board of the Hellenic Offshore Sailing Club, presented the issue of safety on sailing boats, regulations, controls and crew/passenger information.


The day’ s proceedings were coordinated by Mr. George Kontoulis, Mechanical Engineer and Head of Management Systems and ISO HSQE certification standards of EPA. The workshop was broadcast via live streaming and ended with a light buffet meal offered by HELMEPA.