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New free application to combat marine pollution

The new electronic application SEAtizens Watch for tablets and/or smart phones (Android & iOS) is freely available with the aim to enhance the collection of valuable information on marine species or visible forms of pollution by means of photo capture, either from shore or while travelling at sea. The application advances and facilitates Citizen Science, giving to everyone the opportunity to contribute to a collective effort of data gathering of potential scientific value, in an easy and simple way.


The application was developed in the framework of the “SEA GUARDIANS” project, which is supported by the Green Fund and implemented by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA, AENAOS THALASSA and the Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency (Ν.Ε.C.C.A.), with the scientific contribution of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Laboratory of Ichthyology – Department of Biology).


In addition, within the framework of the “SEA GUARDIANS” project, more than 600 fishers, recreational boaters, Coast Guard and merchant marine officers and staff from management bodies of protected areas and other public bodies and organizations throughout Greece, enriched their knowledge on the marine environment, pollution prevention and the protection of marine biodiversity. More specifically, the first period of the project concluded with the successful implementation of webinars provided by expert scientists in three thematic areas: Importance and function of the marine ecosystem, Fisheries and the marine environment, Recreational boating and the marine environment. The webinars showcased various issues related to fishing and sea tourism, which will be subject to deeper consideration during specific e-labs to be organized in the second period of the project (autumn 2022).


More information is available at the project’s website: https://www.sea-guardians.gr/english-summary/


2022 sea guardians app infographic