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HELMEPA's Training Program a Point of Reference for Sustainable Development

Differing uptake levels of the green/digital transition, understanding of sustainability criteria and the nurturing of a spirit of cooperation are some findings highlighted by the implementation to date of HELMEPA’s annual Voluntary Refresher Training Program for 2022.



Although it is expected that companies focusing on sustainable development will develop into leaders of the maritime sector (see HELMEPA’s Posidonia 2022 Conference on Sustainable Shipping), interaction with seminar participants highlighted the fact that the pace of the green and digital transition in shipping is taking place at different levels, depending on size of company, types of vessels, design and implementation of a sustainability strategy and other variables.


The emerging trend of applying ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria in corporate strategies of the wider maritime sector and the value of synergy in realizing the green and digital transition of shipping for decarbonization and sustainable development, were among the key topics of the Voluntary Refresher Training Program of HELMEPA. The latter is the most multi-thematic, specialized, intense (one seminar/week) and participatory of recent times, recording in six months (January – July 2022) the successful implementation of 19 webinars (92 lecturing hours) with the participation of 1,600 merchant marine, Hellenic navy and Coast Guard officers and staff of 125 member-companies of the wider maritime sector.


Contemporary issues such as compliance with environmental regulations, pollution prevention, safety at sea and cybersecurity, sustainable maritime finance, safe transport of containers, LNG and other types of cargo were presented by 60 experts of 32 HELMEPA member-companies and partner entities, in a unique voluntary model of knowledge and experience sharing “from members for the members”, aiming to leave no one behind.


An increasing number of shipping companies are focusing on their environmental and social footprint, adapting their corporate governance to contribute to sustainable development, a result of new requirements and priorities set by societies in light of emerging challenges such as climate change.


This trend is also evident from the multi-level participation of shipping professionals in the webinar series of DNV on “Sustainability and ESG criteria in shipping”, which was specially offered to HELMEPA members and contributed significantly to the better understanding of the terms and procedures in the design and implementation of a sustainability strategy and the role of digitalization.


It is noted that from the 200 participating representatives of 50 member-companies of HELMEPA in the 3 DNV webinars:


  • 57% was familiar with ESG criteria and had incorporated these in their company’s policies;
  • 30% of companies had already published a sustainability report.


Additionally, acceptance of the use and validity of digital means, strengthening of onboard digital skills and cybersecurity were mentioned by participants as the main challenges of the digital transition.


2022 simeio anaforas biosimis anaptiksis


HELMEPA’s training program continues since early September with the second cycle of webinars and ‘abc to SDGs’ labs. Moreover, it encompasses new initiatives for the development and strengthening of professional skills and the understanding of scientific and technical issues relating to contemporary challenges.


For further information and the dates of scheduled seminars of the training program please follow the link.