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Concentrated Inspection Campaign’s Results related to MARPOL Annex VI

23 Aug 2019

Paris & Tokyo MoUs carried out a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) in Annex VI of the International Convention MARPOL from the 1st to 30th of November 2018, the results of which were recently published in a relative Report.

The aim of the CIC was to check the level of compliance with the requirements of the specific Annex. During the campaign, a total of 4,021 vessel inspections of 86 Flags were carried out, whilst only 7 vessels were the detained of 6 Flags for reasons related to MARPOL Annex VI.

The 7 detained vessels were under the Antigua & Bermuda (2), Malta (1), Panama (1), Republic of Moldova (1), Saint Vincent and Grenadines (1) and Cyprus (1) Flags.

Of the Paris MoU Member-states, the Russian Federation conducted the most inspections (346), while Italy detained the highest percentage of vessels for CIC-related Deficiencies (1%).

According to the Report, the shipping industry has achieved a good level of compliance with the specific provisions inspected during the CIC. What is worth noting is that only in seven cases out of 230 answers with a “NO” in the checklist PSC officers were asked to complete, the deficiency was considered serious enough to detain the vessels.

In light of the results of the Report, it is recommended that:

a) the Paris MoU Member-states continue their PSC inspections to all requirements, paying thorough attention to the fuel change-over procedure that raised the most concern, and

b) inspectors should put emphasis on the vessel types and age that reported the least favorable results.

That Report will make a significant contribution in enriching the material of HELMEPA’s Voluntary Refresher Training Program 2020, in collaboration with the Training Committee, which has, over the last few years, substantially contributed to the ongoing effort to update the training and awareness of merchant marine officers and land-based personnel of its Members companies.

The Full Report can be found at the link

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6 August 2020
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News Concentrated Inspection Campaign’s Results related to MARPOL Annex VI