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HELMEPA: We remain open working for our Members

15 Apr 2020

HELMEPA, respecting the instructions given by the State and in accordance with the prevention requirements for Covid-19, immediately suspended several of the activities of both its Maritime and Environmental Awareness Sectors. HELMEPA staff, however are trying to continue the regular electronic flow of information to our Members, by working from home and in shifts at the office respectively.

To HELMEPA Member Companies we sent regular shipping updates on COVID-19, which include the measures and restrictions taken by competent authorities in various parts of the world due to the pandemic.

Following the suspension of the 2020 Refresher Training Program, HELMEPA sent presentations on current issues from the Seminars on “Compliance with Air Emissions Regulations”, “Marine Environmental Awareness”, “Safety First” and “Emergency Preparedness and Response” seminars to Member Companies and adapted themes from the course “Ship’s Handling”, which are presented as theory at the corresponding course of the Bridge Simulator and we sent them as videos, in English.

On Tuesday, April 14th, we organized the first Marine Environmental Awareness online seminar (Webinar), which was attended by 41 Merchant Marine Officers and executives of 10 Managing Member companies. Their positive comments and remarks are particularly useful for repeating such learning initiatives.

Moreover, we expressed our gratitude to the seafarers – men and women – of all nationalities, officers and crew on board vessels and staff of Managing Companies ashore, who work hard and under extremely difficult conditions in order to maintain the life blood of international commerce flowing unobstructed, by sending a relevant text to the Press, companies and the seafarers- Members of HELMEPA.

In these difficult times we are experiencing, we are pleased to see that Seafarers-Members of HELMEPA as well as officers working in HELMEPA Member Companies are trained through our e-Learning Program, an online program including two training packages available in English: Environmental related Training Course and Safety related Training Course, with the latest updated version available since December 2019.

In our effort to continue offering voluntary refresher training to our Members, we have made the e-Learning Program available to Officers and Managing Member Companies staff, regardless of the number of entries that the Company has available.

At the same time, we created a new image of HELMEPA’s Seagull urging all of us to stay home, while we maintained communication with the Volunteer Teachers of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program and continued to support their work with updates and suggestions for activities that can be used through distance learning.

Finally, we completed this year’s Panhellenic Drawing Competition of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program with the participation of 3,600 schoolchildren from 121 Kindergartens and Elementary Schools who sent us 361 group projects. The Evaluation Committee selected the artworks to be awarded online and the results were announced through a Press Release.

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29 May 2020
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News HELMEPA: We remain open working for our Members